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Tuesday 26 June 2012

Dub Fx 2012 Tour

Dub Fx will be hitting North America like an armageddon raining down fiery performances all across Canada and the United States - Continuing from their tour through Europe and the UK. The tour starts in Canada with two major festivals - Shambhala Music Festival and WEMF (The World Electronic Music Festival) - and moves East, the final Canadian date set for MontrĂ©al, QC. From there, they head south of the border into the US where the tour continues through the end of October.
Dub Fx 2012 Tour Canada - USA - North America
Dub Fx 2012 Tour Canada - USA

Date City - FaceBook Link Buy Tickets
August 8 - 13 Shambhala, BC Buy Tickets
August 14 Tofino, BC In Stores
August 15 Cumberland, BC Buy Tickets
August 18 WEMF, ON Buy Tickets
August 22 Secret Street *Vancouver, BC* Check #Dubfx2012
August 23 Victoria, BC Buy Tickets
August 24 Nanaimo, BC Buy Tickets
August 25 Vancouver, BC Buy Tickets
August 27 Whistler, BC Buy Tickets
August 28 Harrison Hot Springs, BC Buy Tickets
August 30 Kelowna, BC Buy Tickets
August 31 Calgary, AB Buy Tickets
September 1 Edmonton, AB Buy Tickets
September 5 Nelson, BC Call: 250-352-5331
September 6 Banff, AB Buy Tickets
September 7 Regina, SK Buy Tickets
September 8 Winnipeg, MB Buy Tickets
September 11 Secret Street *Toronto, ON* Check #Dubfx2012
September 12 Secret Street *Montréal, QC* Check #Dubfx2012
September 13 Ottawa, ON Buy Tickets
September 14 Toronto, ON Buy Tickets
September 15 Montreal, QC Buy Tickets
The Dub Fx 2012 Tour is slated to be one of the biggest Canada has ever seen and will feature Dub Fx & Flower Fairy with guest performances by Snareophobe and Starfighterz; 2011 saw Dub Fx's first foray into the North American markets with a completely sold-out Canadian tour and demand for more performances from this street busking legend rising.

This years' tour will see performances in a number of different settings; From festivals to concert halls and intimate clubs and yes... even three (3) Secret Street Performances - in order to catch one of the Dub Fx Street Performances beyond just being in the right place at the right time, it may help to be following on FaceBook and Twitter (#dubfx2012) as they'll be dropping clues through-out the tour.

We've also partnered up with Exclaim! (Canada's largest independent music magazine) to provide a once in a life-time contest opportunity for a few lucky fans to win some very cool prize-packs through along with helping us promote this tour and spread the word of good music all around. - Exclaim TV covered the Toronto event last year.
This years biggest shows outside of the festivals will be held in Calgary and Edmonton by True Rhythm (also hosting the Banff event), Toronto and Vancouver by Electronic Nation and Destiny Events, with the grand finale in Montreal handled by the highly anticipated arts endeavor Urbana Festival.
Head over to the Touring Dates page for links to specific FaceBook events and Online Ticket sales outlets now!