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Reeps One is a Force. If you are unfamiliar with this walking, breathing sound system he is  the first to ever vocalise bass music in a way that had people, producers and scientists alike scratching their heads and inevitably dancing.

Reeps Is an acoustic instrument, a human that speaks electronic music and can stand up to the highest energy DJ’s in the world. By the end of 2010 Reeps was playing along side Foreign Beggars, finished a UK tour with the mighty Prodigy and won UK Beatbox Championships twice in a row with a sound that truly made people dance and not a single loop ever needed or desired.

This year alone Reeps has toured UK and Australia showcasing a new show with DJ QBERT, hit New Zealand with Skism, Zomboy, Wilkinson and TC, Smashed SXSW Austin and now back in the UK to showcase his unique, dance driven show. Expect a spectrum of music from Hip Hop, Electro, Dubstep, Moombahcore to Dub, jazz  and jungle grooves.  A diverse journey that can rock any show and give something unique to any crowd.

Now with youtube views in the multi millions, and hundreds of shows under his belt, his solo clips being played out by the likes of Bassnectar this undefinable ‘ORGANIC ELECTRONIC’ show is like nothing else you will see in clubs and venues globally. A truly unique and Individual act.