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Dub Fx
Worldwide Looping Street Performer, Melbourne Australia,
Blood, sweat & busking is how Dub Fx built his respected audience. Taking to the street 5 years ago with a Loop Station, a few coins and his talent, a friend along the way posted his street performances on YouTube...
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Bass Drive Wednesdays,
VILIFY has been packing dance floors for nearly a decade. She was voted Montreal’s #1 Best Club DJ 2012 & 2013, while the night she founded and holds residence at ‘Bass Drive Wednesdays’ was voted #1 Best Club Night 3 years in a row....
Reeps One
Reeps One is a Force,
If you are unfamiliar with this walking, breathing sound system he is the first to ever vocalize bass music in a way that had people, producers and scientists alike scratching their heads and inevitably dancing....
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DJ Captain Crunch
Captain Crunch has had crowds skanking with his unique sets, which feature a wild, dynamic mixture of rapid scratching & beat juggling with filthy Dubstep bangers. Crunch has played with some of the biggest names in Dubstep & DnB....More on DJ Captain Crunch
Bass Music from Bristol,
Snareophobe (Chris Munky) is a forward thinking music producer & DJ with a reputation as an act that never fails to blow up a crowd with high energy live sets. Taking influences from ....
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The Business
DJ, MC, Producer, Promoter, Ruben "HYDEE" Reyes has made a name for himself in the Canadian music community over the past decade with unstoppable hustle, larger than life charm and top-shelf taste in Drum & Bass, Dubstep and everything else in-between...
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Sam Klass
Philly native, Sam Klass, isn't your ordinary one man band. Klass has spent the last two years developing a unique live performance of electronic/organic live looping using guitar, vocals, and beatbox with analog and digital effects to create original songs unlike anything you have heard before...More on Sam Klass
Cannonhead is a Montreal based rap group comprised of rapper/producers Freddie "Five" de Andrade (Mikael Larsson) and Spin (Jay Newcomen). Entirely self produced; their sound is a plethora of influences ranging from...More on Cannonhead